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MICROSYSTEM  AQUAPONIC KIT:  Grow your own leafy greens and fish at home

Kit includes everything you need to start growing plants and fish, at home.  Parts List:               
• 20 gallon plastic fish tank • plant trough • growing raft • air pump • water pump • all plumbing parts • seedling tray • choir (planting medium) • net pots

MICROSYSTEM  SEMINAR:  Learn how to grow your own leafy greens

Hands-on workshops held at our Ashtabula facility.  Includes 100 page Friendly Aquaponics Microsystem manual and other reference materials.    Registration  8:30AM - program starts 9AM / ends at 5pm.   Email for more information.        $199.00  
COMING SOON:  Aquaponics the Easy Way  by Friendly Aquaponics This 185+ page manual is the Bible for aquaponics growers around the world. The manual covers everything from system construction, to what to plant, how to plant and harvest, efficiency, health and safety concerns and everything in between.  Written by aquaponics pioneers Susanne Friend and Tim Mann, the authors have pulled together years of observations, learned- techniques, notes and pictures to give you a comprehensive guide to building and operating your own aquaponics system.  Email for more information.