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Happy Greens has been actively running aquaponic systems for nearly 2 years.  Our main system is now our third, and it is the best.  System #1 was by trial and error, put together by reading about aquaponics on the web. Results were limited.  Next we attended a three day training session and learned more, but something was missing.  During the winter of 2013 we attended a seven day training session in Tennessee delivered by Tim Mann of Friendly Aquaponics.  We must say, this was the most comprehensive and the most complete training session we could have taken.  And the results are in...
If you are thinking about a system for your home, your school or perhaps your restaurant, we can help.  Happy Greens is now offering training and instruction during one-day sessions at our facility in Ashtabula, Ohio.  By attending ... • You will learn how to grow your own food during our Micro-system training course. • You will receive hands-on training, taking part in building a demonstration system.  • If you choose, you can take a freshly built system home with you at the end of the day.  
If you would like to attend an exciting one-day workshop, click here for dates and sign-up information. We teach the system perfected by Tim Mann and Susanne Friend of Friendly Aquaponics!      It WORKS!     Grow your own food with no chemicals, pesticides or dirt!   Grow your own food, have complete confidence, and have fun! Sign up now. Class sizes are limited.   Click here for more info.
INCLUDED: 100 page Micro-system manual, written by Tim and Susanne of Friendly Aquaponics Tim and Susanne of Friendly Aquaponics
"Friendly Aquaponics teaches the best, most complete Aquaponic methods in the world, and our system proves it.”
“Aquaponics The EASY Way”! This the first aquaponics book that gives you the ability to DO practical, how-to aquaponics in the easiest and most economical way imaginable. It makes aquaponics ten times more accessible than all the expensive “kits”, because you simply purchase the parts for your system at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, or other building supply store; plus a few bits of equipment from an aquarium store such as PetCo. Grow food on your porch, in your spare room, on your kitchen counter, or even in an unused closet!  Not just for “country folks”, because there’s a whole chapter on how to grow using artificial lighting, “city folks” can grow food inside apartments or condos, even if you don’t have a balcony. This E-book empowers you to build and operate your own small home aquaponics system, affordably, easily, and productively.  There’s no need to buy expensive “kits”, because an AquaponiGarden you build from this book is as good or better; and only costs a fraction as much!  Written and published by Susanne Friend and Tim Mann (Friendly Aquaponics, Inc.), one of the biggest names in commercial and DIY aquaponics today.  Click here for more info.
E-book written by Susanne Friend and Tim Mann of Friendly Aquaponics